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“I met Julius when I was at the bottom of my life. I'd lost everything to my drinking. I lost my job, I lost my home, my driver's license. ”

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My husband took my daughter and left. I didn't want to live anymore. And I didn't know how I got there. That was the night I decided I was either going to end my life or pull myself out of the dark hole I was in.

I picked up the phone and admitted out loud for the first time to anyone that I had a drinking problem. Julius didn't judge me. He treated me like he treats all of his clients; like I was the most important person in the world who had just lost my direction.

In his classes, he didn't talk about drinking or drugs that much, it was more him pulling out of us the reasons that led us to the darkness. He taught us all these reasons stemmed from our own negative self- worth, a lack of belief in ourselves. He made me face the hard reality that I had settled in an unfulfilling life because I was raised to believe that getting a job, a family, a dog and a house with a white picket fence was all I needed in life, when this wasn't true for me. I wasn't living the life my inner self yearned to live. I'd given up thinking about things I loved to do because I didn't believe I could get them, so I turned to drinking. Julius taught me something that no one has ever taught me: that I have all the potential I need to do whatever it is that I want, all I have to do is take one step at a time in the direction of my goal and doors will keep opening. I know he had the same effect on others in the class because I saw how they teared up and said no one had ever asked them what they wanted to do, or they'd never really thought about doing more because they never believed they could be more.

Julius digs deep. It isn't easy to face the music about the decisions you've made in life, but he will take you by the hand and show you that you can make the changes you want to make once you stop letting the fear of failure hold you back. He'll teach you to believe in yourself. I'm thankful for his guidance. He's given me a fresh start.”

~ Jamie R.


"I can acknowledge that Mr. Julius and the service he provides changed me and my ways of living, living with the bottle."

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I never thought I would or could admit to myself, friends and family that I was a growing alcoholic. The first step to fixing my problem was admitting to myself that I had a problem...alcoholism. He was the only person who could get it out of me. Looking back, I can see the leading events to the abuse I put myself through; I felt insecure, lonely, scared, unloved. Nothing else mattered as long as I wasn't sober.

Who would think that a complete stranger would be so willing and eager to help me? But I had to accept the help. Julius showed me the dangers of abusing alcohol and risking my freedom. That one sip, that one beer, that one drive may seem like nothing, but in reality, it's an accelerant to the fire. A fire that might not be able to be put out or tamed. Through exercises and conversations that we still keep up with weekly, I can say that I have changed. I have learned to value the life I was given, my freedom I have, the people who love me and want to see me happy as well as the people I love and want to see happy. I risked losing all this to alcoholism. I would drink a half, a fifth, or maybe even a whole pint or more sometimes. I often willingly jumped behind the wheel, uncaring of the risk I posed to the innocent lives of others; mothers, kids, families on the road oblivious to the drunk driver trying to operate a deadly weapon (my car). It took two auto accidents to wake me up. I totaled my favorite truck around a pole, but walked away from this knowing what I could have done had this been a person or a family. These accidents were my wake-up call. They gave me the perfect opportunity to fix my problem.

As Julius would say, life is like a story and you're writing it, chapter by chapter. But how will the story end? It's up to you to make a good ending. Julius helped me admit I had a problem and that I needed help. Looking back, I'm glad I finally got "caught" because if I hadn't, I would have never met this man and got the love, the courage and the help I needed! I've learned that it's ok to make mistakes, but not fixing them is the problem. Coming from drinking alcohol every chance I got every day, I can proudly say I am a new man. I made a promise to the women in my life that I love that I would change and be the best man I can. I must say I like this new "look." Others tell me they do too! Julius was there for me at one of my lowest points in life. I'm forever thankful to him. It's not easy, it will be hard and there will be challenges but if you want to change, I'm proof this is possible. One day at a time. Each day is another page in a chapter of the book you're writing!"

~ Jonathan R.


"I was broken into a thousand pieces and felt there was no more hope for me. I went from getting into trouble to the point of trying to commit suicide twice."

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Then I met Julius Rhoe. He stepped in and I felt like I was living again. He talked to me, he consoled me, he assured me that everything was going to be okay. 'Just don't give up.' he said.

Here I am 1 year later. I'm still here. JULIUS RHOE is a good man who really cares about his clients. He shows it when he's with you. He knows his business and he cares about people. I would recommend him over anybody. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for me. Keep up the good work, Julius."

~ Shirley S.


"Before I met Julius, I had dropped out of college and had been struggling with alcohol for the past two years."

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At the time, I had been dealing with a domestic violence situation with my ex-partner and I was hurting others through my trauma and abuse of alcohol. As time went by, I started to realize this was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life so I began to seek help for change.

I met Julius after my lawyer referred me to this practice. Julius is still my mentor to this very day. When I first met him, I was nervous to enroll, but he assured me I would benefit from his program. I learned I wasn't alone. Everyone else was there for different reasons yet it all led to the same ending: alcohol.

I've been clean 3 months now. I remain clean and I have changed everything in my life. Because of Julius's mentorship, I'm no longer in contact with people who don't truly love me. I stopped past relationships and friendships that were draining me, not genuine or not serving a purpose in my life. I've learned to let go and unlearned past unhealthy habits for the better of my own health and future. I'm back to loving my life more than I ever had before. I'm getting to know myself better. I've learned how to communicate in a healthier way and I'm in a better space mentally. I'm a full-time college student now, accomplishing my goals, being intentional, and grateful for every day as I'm sticking to the plan I had envisioned for myself a while ago.

If you are seeking any kind of help and want to better yourself but you are in doubt or ashamed, don't hesitate any longer. Julius is a call away and will help you bring back the life that's meant for you. You have to believe in and show up for yourself."

~ Nancy R.


"When I was mandated to take a course to get my driver's license back after having it revoked for a DWI, I figured, and even planned, on the course being mundane, boring."

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This was not an experience I was looking forward to and definitely not something that I thought I would actually benefit from.

I could not have been more wrong with my expectations! Not only was the class engaging, but it really hit hard on many things that I had never even considered to be an issue. I began to even looked forward to going!

What made the class so awesome was the person running it!!! There was never a dull moment that went by, and so many stones turned over, some you never even knew were there, until Julius made you trip over them and pick them up. Not only did Julius's class make me really think about things in my life that I needed to change, but it has also helped me to become a better husband and father.

Even though I had to pay to attend the course, I found myself wanting to go just because it was so much more than a class. Julius was able to really make me, and the entire group, stop and view things in a way none of us had ever considered before. It's amazing what a class like this can do to really force you to dig deep and actually make you think about things you can do.

What a difference Julius's class has made in my life. Julius not only addresses the addiction, but he'll get you to think of the day-to-day struggles and challenges and then help you plan ways to work through them instead of just reverting to the addiction.

This class is definitely the best class I have ever taken. Thank you, Julius for making the class so awesome and actually helping me become a better person!!

~ Joshua L.

Success starts on the inside, your thinking controls the results.

~ Bob Proctor

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